Modern Farmhouse Design: The Ultimate Guide To Farmhouse Style

Modern Farmhouse Design: The Ultimate Guide To Farmhouse Style

Modern, rustic, sophisticated, and comfortable. Can your home be all of these at once? The answer is yes! With every busier lives, we all crave a cozy cave to come back to at the end of the day. But just because it’s comfortable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.


Today we will be looking at Modern Farmhouse Design and how you can achieve this enviable look in your own home.


Everything You Need To Know About Farmhouse, Modern Farmhouse & RustiC

We all find a little nostalgia in farmhouse decor. It’s warm-hearted, welcoming, and incredibly fresh. Its roots stem from the American pioneering days from the farm homes of early settlers. Throw rustic into the mix and it can leave you a little confused. All the questions come to mind. Which is which? What are the characteristics? How do I achieve the look?

We’re breaking down the difference between classic farmhouse style, modern farmhouse decor, and rustic farmhouse design.

What Is Classic Farmhouse Style?

Classic aka “traditional” farmhouse is the signature design that pays homage to our agrarian past. This look borrows from bygone eras by incorporating vintage items such as (sometimes colorful) shaker cabinets, schoolhouse-inspired lighting, and traditional apron front “farmhouse sink” with mixed metals and natural materials, like soapstone countertops.

Characteristics Of Classic Farmhouse

Being traditional doesn’t have to mean old! Classic farmhouse design plays with our nostalgia for the past as well as our connection with nature. Antique furniture and weathered accessories mix with natural wood and stone reflecting their durability. Incorporate items that could once have been used on a homestead.

A steel milk jug makes a great vase for large decorative plants. Wooden apple crates can be upcycled to hold your favorite quilts and throws. For a pop of color, try using colorful check or paisley printed textiles. The mix of vintage and imperfect materials is what gives classic farmhouse decor its charm.

“Filling a space in a beautiful way - that is what art means to me.”
- Georgia O'Keeffe -

What Is Modern Farmhouse Style?

Modern farmhouse design takes the rustic charm of the classic farmhouse and elevates it for the contemporary palette. Clean lines, neutral color schemes, and modern accents blend with the relaxed aesthetic of the farmhouse to create a comfortable yet refined space.

This look uses mixed and matched furniture layered with plush over-sized pillows, and natural materials to achieve a warm yet practical design.

Characteristics Of Modern Farmhouse

Minimalist designs with sleek lines have been the leading aesthetic for some time, but in today’s hectic world, we're craving a cozy haven to call home. Modern farmhouse design retains the fresh, clean look we love in modern interiors while embracing the beauty of imperfections through natural materials.

Create the look by playing with contrasting styles using neutral colors in your own home. Mount a decoratively carved animal skull on a clean lime-washed wall. Create cozy uncluttered spaces and accessorize with natural accents like wood furniture or add sophisticated elements such as granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

The Rise of Modern Farmhouse Style

With so many different takes on the farmhouse style, it’s easy to find one that appeals to your personal taste. But what draws us to the modern farmhouse style? One common thread between them all is a reverence for natural materials. In today’s climate, the outdoors and the natural world is at the forefront of the collective consciousness.

The use of organic and imperfect textures creates an opportunity to bring the outside world inside, strengthening our connection with the natural world. Imperfections in vintage accessories readily found in farmhouse decor give us a chance to reminisce about the past.

These fun (and sometimes kitsch) reminders help us to tell a story about ourselves and our own history. At the end of the day, the reason the plethora of farmhouse styles have gained popularity is that they are comfortable! Whether you flop on a chic chaise or vintage sheepskin, you can create your own unique modern farmhouse style out there for you.

Rustic Charm

Rustic can be used to define a wide variety of styles from cottage to cabin and many in between. What all of these styles have in common is their use of rough, aged, natural materials to create casual and comfortable spaces.

One of the most important characteristics of rustic decor is its use of organic materials in their most natural state. Reclaimed wood and rough stone reflect a reverence for the imperfections in nature while a heavier, darker color palette adds to the cozy feel. Most of all, like sitting by the fire or the smell of fresh cookies, rustic design is warm and inviting.

“The simple hearth of the small farm is the true center of our universe.”
- Masanobu Fukuoka -

Updating your Farmhouse

Now that we’ve walked through these different styles, how can you update your home to achieve your own farmhouse style? Farmhouse design mixes and matches colorful vintage elements with natural materials. Reclaimed, upcycled, and practical accessories are the name of the game.

Check your local garage and estate sales for vintage pieces that reflect your home-grown aesthetic. Natural materials are another key element in modern farmhouse decor. Store your favorite chunky throws in straw woven baskets. Add a carved and inlaid animal skull above your fireplace and a sheepskin rug for a cozy look.

Stick to neutral earth tones for your color palette. Be careful not to combine too many contrasting colors to avoid a kitsch look. Whatever style of farmhouse you choose, make sure to keep it comfortable!

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