Our Story

Our Story

Skull Bliss’ origins began and still remain in the heart of Bali after two best friends discovered the ancient art of traditional Balinese skull carving. Intrigued by the ancient customs, unique art and fine craftsmanship, they decided that this beautiful work needed to be shared beyond the back streets of Bali. Working closely with local Balinese artisans to create authentic hand chiseled animal skulls, Skull Bliss allows the rest of the world to experience the mystique of animal skull carving while giving back to the local communities where the skulls are handcrafted.

Our Secret

At Skull Bliss, we believe in authenticity and upholding traditions. Our mission is to offer authentic, hand-chiseled skulls while giving back to local communities.

To make this ancient art more affordable and accessible, we have adopted a direct to consumer 100% online model that allows us to avoid any extra and unnecessary costs, such as middlemen and storefronts; therefore, we are able to sell our authentic carved animal skulls at fair prices without compromising on quality.

Our Message

While living in Bali we discovered that the creation of art from animal skulls of highly appreciated animals supports the ancient Balinese beliefs and traditions that we should not waste anything, and instead cherish every single thing, a similar principle that is important to us. We believe that life is a precious gift, and death is a mystery, which is why we must make the most of all the time in between. Our handcrafted Skull Bliss carved skulls is a reminder to all that no one should take anything for granted, ever!

Giving Back

We collaborate with some of the most talented artisans in Bali. Our carved skulls are directly purchased from local carvers and artisans that promote Fair Trade practices. All our artists are fairly compensated and work under safe conditions to ensure that they are able to continue practicing their art and follow their creative passions while providing for their families and local community.


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