Founded by two friends while exploring some of Bali’s hidden independent craft stalls, Skull Bliss brings intriguing and affordable ancient Balinese traditions right to your home while giving back to the local communities.

Skull Bliss’ authentic carved skulls instantly add curiosity to your walls and will surely get people talking. Here are just five reasons why art enthusiasts, collectors, home décor fans, and the world in general are captivated by Skull Bliss and its story.


High Quality Artwork For Less

Paying great attention to detail, each skull is inimitable and carries its own special story. Skull Bliss always meticulously hand selects authentic skulls that take a number of days to create before they are ready to ship, proving the intricacy and detail of each finished product.

You might expect to pay extortionate prices for such beautifully hand chiseled pieces that takes days to complete and that have been hand selected, but thanks to Skull Bliss’ collaboration with some of Bali’s best local craftspeople and their 100% online business model that cuts out middlemen and eliminates storefronts, the company is able to offer you high quality hand carved skulls for considerably less.

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A Taste Of Bali’s Traditions

The Balinese tradition of skull carving has a long and curious history. With an innate belief that nothing should ever go to waste, the Balinese have long aimed at using every part of an animal in a meaningful way.

Animals, such as cows, have played major roles in the locals’ everyday living for thousands of years, so it is no surprise that the animal’s skull is then used as a tribute, recognizing the animal’s significant role in our lives. These ancient traditions also symbolize beauty, and such artwork helps with the preservation of these great beasts.

Skull Bliss together with its local artisan partners see hand carved animal skulls as a beautiful tribute to the natural world, and now you can too by bringing this beautiful ancient tradition right to your home.

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Every Piece Is Unique

There is something special about being able to claim that there is no other identical piece of art like the one you own, and this is something that you will notice when comparing two Skull Bliss animal skull carvings.

Masters in the trade of animal skull carving in Bali spend on average two to three days intricately carving each and every skull by hand, meaning no two skull carvings will ever be the same.

Every skull carving tells its own special story and Balinese tradition states that each skull is carved with clear intent to transcend the death of a resplendent animal into a sacred piece of art to be treasured. It should also be mentioned that they make for some awe-inspiring home décor with a twist.

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Unbeatable 5-star customer service

Most people have experienced poor customer at least once in their life, and despite the ease of shopping online these days, complaints of negative customer service are becoming more commonplace. But unlike other online stores, this is not the case with Skull Bliss.

Skull Bliss has successfully amassed numerous independently verified 5-star ratings, which is just one example of the business making customer service its number one priority.


Giving Back To The Community

Giving back to the local communities in Bali that Skull Bliss collaborates with is woven into the business’ values and daily operations.

Skull Bliss established its business in Bali and kept it their for good reason – the craftsmanship is second to none. They continue to partner with some of the most talented artisans on the entire island, if not the world.

Skull Bliss is dedicated to promoting fair trade practices, and ensures that all carvers and artisans are fairly compensated so they can continue providing for themselves and their families while pursuing their passions through their craft.

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