Carved Buffalo Skull - Gothic Cross《Antique Finish》



Gothic can mean the macabre or other darker elements, but the gothic cross was established in the mid-1800s to remember Christian martyrs. Rooting from the Germanic culture and Celtic representation of everlasting life, gothic crosses translates the dark into light.

Our Gothic Cross Carved Buffalo Skull hosts extra-large horns that enhances its ornate appeal. Leaves vining around the cross and all over the cow skull’s façade add up to the intricacy of the masterpiece as a whole.

If you prefer this beautiful Gothic Cross Design without the Antique finish in clean white, check out our Carved Buffalo Skull - Gothic Cross.



  • Length (without horns): approx. 21.7'' - 55cm
  • Length (including horns): approx. 25.6'' - 65cm
  • Width (from horn tip to tip): approx. 41.3'' - 105cm

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