Carved Buffalo Skull - Lace Flower



Let this beautiful carved buffalo skull dressed in lace flowers enchant you with its intricate latticework and masterful etchings.

Balinese Master Art Carvers transformed this bare relic into an artful remnant in 2-3 full days of work using ethically acquired and cruelty-free animal skulls.

With a well selected space on your wall or on a divider, present this piece by mounting it using the barb wire attached at the back.

You may add character to this skull carving as its black horns are adjustable to face upwards or backwards. The dark color paired with the clean palette also mesh well with the elaborate filigree to match with any kind of background, may it be in your home, restaurant, or office.



  • Length (without horns): approx. 21.7'' - 55cm
  • Length (including horns): approx. 25.6'' - 65cm
  • Width (from horn tip to tip): approx. 41.3'' - 105cm

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