25 Wall Art & Wall Decor Ideas That Upgrade Your Living Space

25 Wall Art & Wall Decor Ideas That Upgrade Your Living Space

25 Wall Art & Wall Decor Ideas That Upgrade Your Living Space

With most of us staying home more than ever, you may be feeling that itch to upgrade your walls. Here’s all the wall decor and wall art ideas you need to make your space iconically you.

All The Inspiration You Need To Elevate Your Walls

If you’re not into minimalist design, the thought of a blank wall can be unappealing. As you’re looking at the bleak canvas or that space that isn’t quite fitting your modern aesthetic, you start to think—what wall art or accent piece can I use to upgrade my space?

With most of the world confined to their homes in the whirlwind of 2020, people have been finding creative do-it-yourself (DIY) ways to upgrade their living areas. We’ve put together 25 Wall Decor Ideas that’ll help you channel your one-of-a-kind energy.

25 Wall Art Ideas For Any Room

Our top-picks for wall decor ideas will spark your creativity and help you decorate your space regardless of your taste and aesthetic. Read through this list and see which ones you’d like to recreate at home.

1. Skulls, Skulls, Skulls

An authentic animal skull is the most striking way to command attention and elevate your walls. This accent item is the perfect fit regardless of if your taste is rustic, gothic, boho, or anything in-between. Add this ornate home decor item to your at-home office space, living room, hallway, or above your bedroom.

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2. Wall Mount Your Television

What better way to update your living room or bedroom than by adding a flat screen to your wall. This will add a sleek, modern look to your walls and free the space on your media cabinet. Balance out the look with shelving above the TV.

Credit: Maria Killiam Inc (Pinterest)

3. Group Your Large Frames

For those hard-to-cover larger walls in your dining room or living room, grouping wall art may be your answer. Ideally, aim for three to six group images. If you can’t find wall art that you like, try framing wallpaper.

Credit: Birkley Lane Interiors

4. Add Plants Into The Mix

Keep it vivacious and add life to your walls by hanging or wall mounting plants. This is one of the perfect wall decor ideas for your inner green thumb or nature enthusiast.

Credit: Jenny Morris (@plantbabystudio - IG)

5. Rethink Your Storage Space

Who said your overcrowded closet is the only place you have to store your accessories? Install hooks or a pegboard and hang your hats in a group. This look is perfect in those sitting rooms, bedrooms or corner spaces.

Credit: Jacklyn De Leon Style

6. Integrate A Statement Cabinet

If you’re having trouble with your entryway or kitchen, integrating a large, rustic cabinet is sure to be a conversation-starter. Pending the design, you can keep it plain at the top or top it off with some ornate, textured pottery.

Credit: Home Bunch

7. Create Depth With Mirrors

Make your room big and bright by hanging an oversized mirror. If you like to keep it more subtle, group smaller pieces together in your sitting room, bedroom, dining room, or living space.

Credit: Life By Leanna

8. Keep It Cohesive With Single Metal Frames

One of the ultimate swoon-worthy wall art ideas is framing all your artwork in similar metal-finished frames. Mix-and-match your variety of wall art and display them in gold or copper frames. This is perfect for your bedroom, gallery wall or sitting space.

Credit: The Zoe Report

9. Encapsulate Your Guests With A Plate Wall

When in doubt—hang some plates! The more antique or ornate, the better! Plate walls are perfect above fireplaces, in dining rooms, or corner spaces.

Credit: The Sweet Escape

10. Light It Up With A Bright Wall Hanging

A bright, textured wall hanging will bring charm to your bedroom or guest bedroom if you’re in the market for a little pizzazz. Maintain the multi-dimensional vibes with patterned bedroom covers.

Credit: Ricardo Labougle

11. Throw In Texture

Adding a ‘70’s macramé wall hangings will warm up your desolate, blank canvas of a wall with attention-grabbing texture. This addition is perfect for that free wall in your bathroom, guest bedroom or bedroom.

Credit: Wescover

12. Live In Grayscale

Keep it eclectically neutral with black and white artwork. Integrating this addition to your living space will add visual interest and intrigue to any living space.

Credit: My Domaine

13. Accentuate Wall Moldings

To make those wall contours pop, with a painted-on bold flooring and a solid wall. Then, add those minimal wall paintings and viola. Your staircase wall will be a sight to see. 

Credit: Fawn Gali

14. Grab Attention By Getting Three Dimensional

Hanging a plant or three dimensional fixture will add more depth to the room and bring any of your desired themes to life. Adding a three dimensional object is perfect for your bedroom or guest bedroom.

Credit: Luxe Decor

15. Count The Days

Keep track of your busy schedule with a large calendar. This feature will liven up your kitchen or office wall with a modern look and pop of color.

Credit: Jaq Jaq Bird

16. Refresh With Shiplap

Channel those coastal vibes in your entryway, dining room, bathroom, or bedroom with refreshing shiplap paneling. This wall decor idea will add texture and an element of modern fun to your living space.

Credit: Vilmairis

17. Wake The Walls Up

A signature way to switch-up the look of your walls is with a statement wall sculpture that has varying types of materials or bold colors. Sculptures are perfect for waking up those sleepy walls in your modern industrial bedroom.

Credit: AlModern

18. Embrace Animals

If you’re an animal lover, this is one of the best wall art ideas for you. Regardless of if you’re a cat, dog or cow lover, animal drawings are a playful way to cover your blank bedroom wall. For a little extra contrast, frame the varying animal artwork in differing metal frames amidst a neutral bedroom scheme.

19. Add A Tapestry

Make your modern living room a site to see with a tapestry. Top off the space with modern furniture and varying textures.

Credit: Etsy

20. Hang A Large Photograph

This is probably the easiest thing you can do to fill a living space. Adding a large photograph or painting surrounded by two hanging lights will garner all the intrigue.

Credit: Grant Gibson & Kathryn MacDonald

21. Play With Color & Geometric Shapes

Keep it fun and playful with primary colors and a variety of geometric shapes. Accentuate these shapes more with a velvet-textured chair.

Credit: Kingston Lafferty Design

22. Mount Your Bike

Make your bike the apple of the living space with a stylish and sleek wall-mounting system. This will create more floor space and make for a practical wall decor idea for those city-dwelling living areas.

Credit: Dezeen

23. Combine Ceramics With Prints

If you have a French porcelain collection, pair it with a floral print—you might like this contrast for your hallways or corner room.

Credi: Theodore Deck

24. Create A Gallery Wall

There’s no better way to fill a wall than with a variety of pictures and canvases. This will work for any room you desire and will ultimately make the room authentically you.

Credit: Gallery Wallrus

25. Add Greenery

Add interest to a wall area in your living space with a wall potted plant. For that extra impact, pair of large-scale wall art.

Credit: Leon and George