How To Design: A Luxury Living Room

How To Design: A Luxury Living Room

If you’re looking for more luxury living room ideas or are wanting to upgrade your place, we’ve got the perfect blog for you that covers all things luxury spaces.

Different Types Of Luxury Living Rooms, Design Ideas, & More

Let’s be real, we’re all in awe of gorgeous living spaces—especially living rooms. However, finding the right aesthetic can prove difficult since the luxury living room concept changes based on the person and their preferences.

Whether you crave traditional, modern, minimalist or rustic—we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’re highlighting the different types of luxury living rooms, ways to upgrade your space, and the ultimate accessory that adds that extra oomph.

Types Of Luxury Living Rooms

By definition, luxury means the state of great comfort and extravagant living. Naturally, this perception skews differently pending your design preferences, geographical location, etc. Keep reading and find your ideal luxury living room design.

“The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease- the temple of the soul.”
- Terrance Conran -

Traditional Luxury Living Room

If you’re wanting something a little more classic, traditional may be a good fit. This type of style is known for its symmetry. The luxury living room furniture line-up includes tufted settees with elaborate chandeliers and swag curtains.

When it comes to color-schemes, these living rooms pack variety with options ranging from neutral to warm colors or even yellow and green. Other signature elements of the traditional luxury living room design includes a giant stone fireplace, printed chairs, blue and white or seafoam green furniture hues .

Modern Luxury Living Room

The modern luxury living room is usually characterized by huge expansions of glass, linear sofas, and beautiful accent chairs. On the color front, some modern luxury living spaces are monochrome while others have bold pops of color.

One of the biggest characterizing features of these spaces include the glass walls that radiate natural light. For that extra layer of texture, most modern luxury designs incorporate shag rugs or natural wall accents. Additionally, most of these spaces play on primarily linear shapes with an unconventional shape (i.e. cloud) thrown into the mix.

Minimalist Luxury Living Room

With slight hints of modern, the minimalist luxury living room is that desired clean and calming space that keeps you on your toes. These gorgeous living areas often incorporate muted color schemes such as monochrome or tonal palettes. The play on texture is an additional nod to the modern living room.  

Another fun play on the minimalist scheme is the incorporation of the nature-inspired materials and/or playing on the architectural elements.

Rustic Luxury Living Room

During the cooler times of the year, more rich tones and organic-inspired textures are all the more craved. These spaces integrate stone covered walls, stone fireplaces, dark wood accents, and wooden beams. For country rustic enthusiasts, light moulded panels adorn the mantel. Pro Tip: Add one of our authentic buffalo skulls for that extra rustic flair.

On the other hand, rustic lake houses can boast a neutral palette and blend well with some of the modern architectural elements. Additionally, rustic and modern parallel when it comes to floor-to-ceiling windows.

Design Tips To Upgrade Your Living Room

Now that you’re well-versed on the different types of luxury spaces, here’s some luxury living room ideas to elevate your place.

Fill High Ceilings

If your living room has high ceilings, the perfect way to balance it is to add wall-encompassing book cases. This will level out the space and not make the ceilings feel as large and intimidating.

Add Luxury Features

For those who are craving a minimalist or modern luxury living space, adding a luxury feature wall into your scheme makes for a stunning focal point. Accent walls are great for open plan rooms and can include materials like quartzite.

Eye-Catching Lighting Wins

Elevate the look of your living room by adding eye-catching, modern chandeliers. Playing with different shapes and sizes makes for a striking luxury living room design.

Integrate Marvelous Metallics

For those neutral color schemes, pops of metallic—such as gold, copper, or bronze—are the perfect contrast. Great ways to incorporate these metallic shades are through luxury living room furniture like coffee tables and pendant lights.

If subtlety isn’t your cup of tea, you can always opt for a metallic accent wall. The perfectly unique pieces for any luxury living room is one of our gold, authentic animal skulls.

“Good design, like good art, never goes out of style.”
- Jeffrey Kerns -

Layer It Up

Multiple lighting elements are crucial for that extra spark. Opting for lights at different levels accentuates and unlocks the room’s depth.

Illuminate Helps Accentuate

If your luxury living room has some notable architectural elements, there’s no better way to highlight them than with uplighting or LED perimeter lighting.

A fun way to add a little extra glow and accentuate your tables is with fun skull lamps.

Old World Elements

For those traditional luxury living rooms, a classic wall mural is the perfect centerpiece. This is perfect coupled with a nature theme and pops of green. Another play on the nature theme is adding green and white tufted furniture.

Calling all homes with a little history—boiserie wall decor with ornamental elements in conjunction with white, blue, and gold paneling is an eye-catching site.

Cohesive Color Schemes

The most intriguing luxury living rooms are the ones that have cohesive color schemes. One way to do this is starting with a neutral color base and then adding pops of color through colorful rugs, cushions, and accent furniture.

On the contrary, shadowy walls and matching accent chairs are perfect for those who love darker color schemes. For contrast add accent chairs with pops of bright colors.

Bring Out Texture

When it comes to your accent wall, highlighting texture adds that perfectly imperfect pop. Once you’ve found your preferred finish, add in a lighting solution for the ultimate wow factor.

Modern Monochrome Marvel

Now let’s talk about Pinterest dreams—the monochrome scheme is perfect for those who love a cool, chic, and collected living room. Anyone who enters this space will feel calm and grounded.

For that one-of-a-kind, striking piece, an authentic animal skull is the perfect solution. Shop our collection below: