Crystal Skull: Myths & Facts Behind Famous Quartz Carvings

Crystal Skull: Myths & Facts Behind Famous Quartz Carvings

The Crystal Skull is immersed in mystery and lore. We’re unpacking the history, culture, popularity and more surrounding this hand-carved skull. Check it out.

Everything You Need To Know About The Crystal Skull

Skulls have been a polarizing symbol throughout time. Striking and beautifully haunting at the same time, the skull takes on a variety of meanings including the unachievable nature of immortality, death, and mortality.

Morbid to some and intriguing to many, they come in the form of skull and crossbones, appear on home cleaning products, and even your favorite Halloween costumes.

Yes, skulls are cool and all—but there’s something a little more striking. Let’s talk about the Crystal Skull. A subject of much mystery and controversy. The first question that may come to mind is, “What is the meaning behind the Crystal Skull?”

We’re unpacking the meaning, the history, the popularity, and the two most notorious Crystal Skulls. It’s time to dive in.

What Is The Crystal Skull?

The Crystal Skull is a hardstone, hand carving version of a human skull. They’re made of clear to milky hues of White Quartz and/or Crystal. The most common types are known as modern skulls and they’re made from a single piece of Crystal or Stone. Modern skulls are fashioned by current stone workers. Other variations are modeled after extraterrestrial beings—also known as “ET Skulls”.  

Some skulls are used as decorative pieces around the home. Others use them as for Apotropaic magic, self-healing or spiritual guidance.

“Crystal Skulls are a metaphor that reality is a consciousness hologram through which we experience virtually.”
- Stephen Richards -

Crystal Skulls Symbolism

As mentioned, skulls in general usually get the reputation of death, mortality, and all the creepy feelings. On the contrary, Crystal Skulls are known as a symbol of hope. They’re also known for their healing, psychic abilities and power over death. It’s even rumored that tattooing a skull on your forearm has the power to avert bad luck or evil influences.

Crystal Skull Classifications

Interestingly, Crystal Skulls are classified in one of the three groups. These categories include:

  • Ancient Crystal Skulls: Created over 2,000 years ago
  • Old Skulls: Carved between 100 years and upwards of 1,500 years prior
  • Modern of Contemporary: Made in the last 100-120 years

Crystal Skull Benefits At Home

Integrating Crystal Skulls into your home may serve advantageous to your overall well-being. One of the ways Crystal Skulls are used in the home is to unlock multiple dimensions of the mind. This allows you to awaken yourself to knowledge you otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to.

The skull’s material plays a role in the different types of benefits. Here’s some of the benefits that the four types of skulls can bring into your home:

Also known as Anyolite Crystal Skulls. Enhances psychic abilities, aides in spirit guide communication, and amplifies the body’s spirituality and energy fields.

Most powerful and abundant healing crystal on planet Earth. A master healer that absorbs, stores, unblocks, regulates, and amplifies energy. Also excellent for programming.

Rainbow Aura Quartz
A peaceful and tranquil stone that’s known for Angel, Spirit Guides, and other Teacher communication.

These skulls are a stress-reliever that eases feelings of anxiety, hurt, loneliness or sorrow. These skulls are here to remind you that life is a spiritual experience.

Crystal Skulls that access past lives, encourage productivity, and reconnect you to your ancient wisdom.  

History of the Crystal Skull

Although many believe the Crystal Skull has ancient origins, research shows these symbolic enigmas were manufactured sometime in the mid-19th century. During this era, the Europeans were extremely fascinated by the ancient cultures such as the Mayans and Aztecs. Approximately a dozen “rock crystal” carved skulls paved its way into public and private collections globally.

The first Mexican Crystal Skulls appeared right before Louis Napoleon’s French intervention of Austria. Soon after, similar skulls started appearing. These replicas were approximately 1.5 inches tall.

Crystal Skull Rumors & Lore

The origins of the Crystal Skulls have been the subject of ongoing mystery and controversy. The people who’ve originally found these skulls claimed they date back thousands or even tens of thousands of years to Mayan, Aztec, Mixtec or Toltec Mesomerican societies. Others have gone far enough to link the skulls to the lost city of Atlantis. Some even have claimed this as proof of extraterrestrial activity during the pre-Columbian civilizations such as the Aztecs.

Ties to ancient civilizations have been debunked by historians. None of the skulls were recovered on a documented excavation. Additionally, the skulls do not match the pre-Columbian civilizations’ depictions and/or representations. When examined under a microscope, the markings resemble modern-day carvings versus the stone, bone, and wooden tools that would’ve been used in the Mesoamerican era. Any skulls carved within those indigenous cultures would’ve been crudely made in basalt. Quartz was not an available resource or materials.

As far as the skulls are concerned, it’s rumored there’s an area in Germany where they were manufactured. This is contrary to the popular belief that these one-of-a-kind Crystal Skulls are buried within archaeological sites.

Popularity of Crystal Skulls In Mainstream Culture

The mystery of Crystal Skulls have been the subject of much intrigue on popular sci-fi television series, novels, video games, and movies.

One of the most notable movies includes Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull—which highlights the protagonist’s search for the ancient artifact in Peru. Their goal was to track down the mysterious “obtainer of rare antiquities” which would unlock the origin of these exotic objects.

The movie’s premier sparked all the more interest in the narrative surrounding Crystal Skulls.

“The skull is nature’s sculpture.”
- David Bailey -

Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull

Mitchell Hedges is a British adventurer who led an expedition to Lubaantun— a Mayan city in modern-day Belize—in 1924. In the Yucatan jungle, his daughter found the most enigmatic objects in modern day archaeology—a crystal skull made out of a solid piece of clear Quartz. The Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull is one of the only true Crystal Skulls in a public or private collection.

Since this discovery, a plethora of folkloric, supernatural powers and legendary civilizations have developed. Mitchell Hedges coins this skull as a Mayan relic and a “skull of doom.” Cynics who’ve mocked the skull have mysteriously passed away while others have come down with mysterious illness. He also hinted that there’s a cryptic reason for not revealing how it came into his possession.

Smithsonian Crystal Skull

The Smithsonian Crystal Skull was carved from White Quartz (aka: rock crystal) in the form of a hollow human skull. Its origins is an anonymous donor from Mexico in 1992. Sitting at 31 pounds and almost 10 inches high, this 1960s rendering’s larger size is meant to represent the exuberance of life.

More than likely the Smithsonian Crystal Skull was manufactured in Mexico slightly before it was donated. Based on the British Museum’s analysis, the polishing technology was first available after World War II—automatically debunking any Mesoamerican heritage rumors.

An icon of pop culture and history, the Crystal Skull has numerous false narratives surrounding it. Don’t let it fool you, these skulls are just as fascinating. Contrary to popular belief, these small objects were manufactured in Germany and Mexico in the mid-19th century. Crystal Skulls formed due to a fascination with the Mesoamerican culture. These modern skulls are made from rock crystal—also known as Crystal and White Quartz. Remember, it’s a good idea to keep one in your home for clear vision and unlocked psychic ability.

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