Cow Skull Living Room Decor

Whether your tastes are a little eclectic or you prefer more traditional touch, adding carved skulls as part of your decorating design offers a gorgeous expression of tasteful décor. Carved cow skulls aren’t just country chic and can add a beautiful touch to any room in your house. From classic to contemporary looks (and everything in between) a stunningly displayed skull carving adds a bit of brilliance to anyone’s decorating style.

Carved Skull Living Room Decor

cow skull on the living room wall
cow skull on the living room wall above a stand

The living room is the heart of your home, a place where the family gathers and some of the fondest memories are made. Adding a carved cow skull or carved bull skull to a special spot on your living room wall will add a strikingly handsome touch. Whether over the mantle or displayed with your favorite keepsakes, a carved skull adds an air of style that is seriously unsurpassed.

Cow Skull Dining Room Decor

cow skull dining room

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Another place family and friends tend to gather is in the dining room. A skull carving or set of carved skulls tend to look amazing on dining room walls no matter what your style may be. Carved skulls display stunningly no matter what the backdrop may be. So whether you’re dining room walls are light pink or a classy brown, a carved cow skull or carved bull skull has the power to pull it all together.

Cow Skull Decorating Ideas for the Bathroom

Believe it or not, a carved skull added to a bathroom wall can dramatically change the entire look. Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax, restore and rejuvenate and is often one of the most loved rooms in many peoples’ homes. A skull carving over the tub is gorgeous and offers a unique display of your personal style. Skull carvings also make a great way to showcase your jewelry and look beautiful with your favorite pieces hanging from their horns.

Cow Skull Bedroom Decor

Perhaps one of the most loved rooms in the house in the bedroom. Here is where we can finally relax at the end of a long day and is often the one room in the house that becomes our own personal sanctuary. A skull carving hung in the bedroom creates a dramatic decorating touch. Over the bed or over the dresser, carved skulls in the bedroom create a classic look that will fit anyone’s personal style.

Our homes are our sanctuaries and we’ve all got a unique style when it comes to decorating different rooms. At Skull Bliss we’re dedicated to providing beautifully handcrafted intricately carved skulls for whatever your individual tastes might be. Presenting a carved skull on the wall in one of the rooms in your house can add an exquisite touch that will last a lifetime. All of our carved skulls are meticulously hand-carved with stunning intricate designs by indigenous Balinese artists and complement an array of decorating styles. Each strikingly unique piece comes ready to mount for whatever special wall you choose to display your favorite skull carving. Read more about our work here.