From Bali
to you:
5 Steps from Production
to Shipping

From Bali
to you: 5 Steps from Production
to Shipping


So, you can't get enough of the impressive design of one of our carved animal skulls. Now the question is, how do we turn these skulls into striking works of art? Read on as we explore the journey your skull makes step by step from our artisan’s workshop directly to your living room.

Step 1 - Ethical sourcing

It all starts with the animal. Like our ancestors, we acknowledge the fragility of life and practice the ancient tradition of honoring every part of the animal. We pride ourselves on ethical sourcing and believe that treasuring the remains and using them in magnificent, creative ways honors the dignity of such beautiful creatures.

At Skull Bliss, ethical sourcing and sustainability are our priority. The ultimate sign of respect for the life of a beautiful creature is not to waste it, and as such, we ensure that no animals are killed for the purpose of our skull creations.

Step 2 - Preparation

Before our skulls can be transformed into stunning decor, they undergo rigorous sterilization. Using the same process as taxidermists, we clean and prepare the bones to a smooth, bright finish that will last a lifetime.

Once the skulls have been thoroughly cleaned and dried, they’re ready for the artistry to begin.

Step 3 - Sketching

What is a piece of art without the eye of the artist? Indigenous Balinese artists have been honing the craft of skull carving for generations. Their unique knowledge and insight are the key to bringing these artworks to life.

In Balinese tradition, skulls are designed with the intent to transcend the death of the animal into a sacred piece of art. Each skull is carefully studied before hand-drawing the intricate design onto the skull. Every carving tells its own particular story, and the sketching of the skull acts as the blueprint.

Step 4 - Carving & Finishing touches

The detailed carving process begins. Masters in the craft of animal skull carving dedicate their life to their craft. Their specialist skills have been passed down from generation to generation resulting in a truly unique craft that binds Balinese tradition with modern sculptural art. Master craftsmen will spend two to three days intricately carving each skull by hand. At this stage, the artist may alter or enhance the design to best fit the skull they are working on, meaning no two skull carvings will ever be exactly the same.

Once the carving is complete, it’s time to add the finishing touches. We offer a range of colors, including natural white, antique, black, and gray. Using a complex process, our artists have also created a range of stunning metallic finishes if you want to give your skull a lustrous sheen. Want a design with something extra? How about skulls decorated and inset with tranquil turquoise stones.

Once the finishing touches are applied, it’s time to prepare your skull for shipment.

Step 5 - Safe shipping worldwide

No matter where in the world you live, we can ship to YOU! We process all necessary export and import documents for our animal skulls via the department of animal conservation as all of our skulls are cleaned according to international taxidermy standards. We will take care of all the legal papers necessary, so you won’t run into any problems importing these skull carvings in your country*.

We guarantee that all of our skulls arrive in crisp condition. All of our carvings are packed securely using extensive amounts of bubble wrap and other materials to make sure they arrive damage-free. Once you receive your skull, all you have to do is choose the perfect spot and enjoy!


Hand-carved animal skulls are a beautiful tribute to the natural world. Together with our local artisan partners, Skull Bliss is honored to bring this ancient tradition directly to your home. So what are you waiting for? Whatever your style, we have a striking skull that’s sure to impress.

*Some exceptions may apply. Please see our FAQ for all available countries.