Ram Skull - Tribal #2 Carving


Extraordinary craftsmanship meets taxidermy!

Balinese Master Art Carvers made this authentic ram skull to an artistic masterpiece for eternity by using their extraordinary carving skills. In 2-3 full days of work they carved numerous tribal symbols into this white skull decor.

The horns can be fitted either facing upwards to add more length or backwards to add a more devilish look.
You are purchasing a ram skull with the exact design displayed on the picture. The skull itself and the horns may be slightly larger or smaller (+- a few inches) as no two skulls or horns have exactly the same shape or size.

This hand crafted artwork with its mystic aura and design is a must-have for lovers of perfection and people with passion for true art.



  • - Length: approx. 60cm
    • - Width: approx. 32cm