Horse Skull - Tribal #1 Carving



Death is most commonly linked to a skull in general, but in the Balinese culture, a carved animal skull is revived into a glorious reminder of what was and a canvas for their local artists to etch new expressions and show their unique craftsmanship.

With symmetrical designs and complementing outlines handcrafted for 2-3 days, these skull carvings are fêted worldwide because of its authenticity and masterful execution.

The tribal carvings are sculpted to bring new meaning to the ram skull. The white space has a balanced margined to give light to the interwoven chisels and amplify the clean color.

Put in on a stand with an accompanying background for guests to see a 360 degree view and appreciate its different angles.



  • Length: approx. 15.7'' - 40cm
  • Width: approx. 7.5'' - 19cm
  • Height: approx. 7.9'' - 20cm


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