Carved Horse Skull - Buddha



Seeing this carved horse skull from afar will not justify its intricate latticework and deeper meaning. Created in 2-3 full days, even the tiniest swirls are as symmetrical as the other perfectly highlighting the Buddha image in front.

It’s a must-have collector’s item and a significant piece for those who are fond of masterful carvings. Designed for cultural splendor, this carved skull is more than a decal.

With the traditional practice still in place, Balinese craftsmen created skull carvings from remnants of the past that’s now relished as way to give new means to its previous impact – death – and showcase their world renowned skill.

Through creative patterns and masterful etchings, this carved animal skull is now known to be a beautiful transition between death and new life.



  • Length: approx. 15.7'' - 40cm
  • Width: approx. 7.5'' - 19cm
  • Height: approx. 7.9'' - 20cm


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