Carved Cow Skull - Tribal #5



Engraved in tender design illustrating a blooming flower or ascending wings, this carved cow skull alters the innate meaning of such a thing. It’s now relished as a blank canvas that showcase raw artistry.

Pointed horns are attached to the carved animal skull to hint on what was and bring contrast to the whole composition. It’s meant for eclectic home décor, unique collections, and simply for redefining its previous impact.

This skull carving is handcrafted for 2-3 days so that our Master Carvers could perfect each design that no two patterns are alike. Depending on your style or mood, each piece will capture different approaches for everyone’s unique taste.

To be able to continue this celebrated Balinese tradition, our local artists sees to it that every piece is made from ethically acquired and cruelty-free animal skulls.



  • Length (including horns): approx. 21'' - 52cm
  • Width (from horn tip to tip): approx. 22'' - 56cm


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