Carved Cow Skull - Indian Eagles



Native American influences meet Indonesian craftsmanship with this carved cow skull’s culture-blend design. Indian eagles are known to be medicine birds with supernatural powers, so etching them on the forehead of this relic gives this carved animal skull a mightier touch.

As majestic as the eagle wings, the sharp horns are pointed outward to amplify the look.

Made to complement different backgrounds in your home or studio, the complex latticework on every skull carving rides well with the adjustable black horns and the blank skull itself.

We’ve attached a barb wire at the back of the carved skull so you may mount it on a wall, although it isn’t too evident so guests won’t be distracted when it’s exhibited on a stand.



  • Length (including horns): approx. 21'' - 52cm
  • Width (from horn tip to tip): approx. 22'' - 56cm


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