Carved Cow Skull - Celtic



This carved cow skull depicts an astounding culture seen in the Iron age and Medieval times known as Celts. The infinite curbs spiral from the top of the head to the nose leaving an absorbing effect.

Old Balinese tradition combined with Celtic design brings eternal appreciation and great culture blending as seen in this carved animal skull.

You may decorate this work of art as a wall mount using the barb wire we attached at the back or you may place it on a stand so guests could roam around and appreciate its complete view.

Whether you showcase this skull carving at your home, restaurant, or office, each design will play well with the skull structure and the dark horns that can be adjusted to face upwards for length or backwards for width.



  • - Length (including horns): approx. 21'' - 52cm
  • - Width (from horn tip to tip): approx. 22'' - 56cm


In action

Carved Cow Skull - Celtic Carved Cow Skull - Celtic Carved Cow Skull - Celtic

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